107 Dixon St, Selbyville, DE,
1 800 526 9847

107 Dixon St, Selbyville, DE,
1 800 526 9847



Since 1981


Pool Table Sales and Service in Selbyville, Delaware

Our professional Service Department offers high-quality services for your pool table such as:

General Services

  • Replacing the spots on the cloth as required
  • Checking all frame bolts and pocket brass bolts and tightening them as required
  • Checking cushion bolts or screws and tightening them as required
  • Checking and adjusting the level of the table from the base of the legs
  • Accessories: As required, re-tipping cues, fitting rest head tips, re-fitting rest heads to handles, etc
  • Reporting any problems to the customer.

Repair services are available on all tables.

Moving from any location to another, including within your home or office.

Replacing Cloth
Recovering of pool table surface. We have many quality fabrics and color choices. In the home situation, depending upon wear factors and damage, you may not need to fit new cloth to your table for many years.
In a club, it may be necessary to replace the cloth as often as once per year.
Fitting new cloth takes place 'on site' at your home or club.

Refinishing of the wood parts of your pool table. We refinish everything all the way up to the entire table.

We can liven up your pool table by replacing old rubber cushions with new active cushions for maximum enjoyment.

Pocket Replacement
Just tell us what kind of pockets you want and we will replace just about any type. Choose from a huge variety of styles and materials.

We can professionally level your table for consistent ball rolls.

We have been servicing pool tables since the business first opened its doors in 1981. We employ
  experienced pool table mechanics.